Eclectic homeschool, eclectic blogger!

This new blog is the big talk at our house today.  It has taken up quite a bit of time and this is only my 3rd post 🙂  But we are so excited and have so many fun ideas!

Here are a few of the ideas we have brewing for our new blog

Curriculum talk:  Kay, our oldest daughter, loves to teach her 6yr old brother.  Last week she borrowed a bunch of books on castles and medieval times, and chose from our personal library, “The Knight at Dawn”(Magic Treehouse) as a read aloud(she is reading to him).   She is writing her own literature based unit study on medieval times!  All of our kids love to draw.  Joe is drawing a castle to use as a coloring sheet in this unit study.

The kids want to write their own mad libs to share.

The websites we like to use

The different books and curriculums we use.

I would also like us to work on building our own American History Unit Study(Literature based).

A book list

Other talk:  Homeschool topics, homemade products: deodorant, laundry detergent,etc.  Food, nutrition, goat milk, cheese, homemade recipe ideas.  Money saving tips, random tidbit info, dairy goat care, a family comedy comic strip.  Okay…the list of ideas does go on.

We are so excited!

I want to make our posts unique by offering a resource suggestion at the end of my posts(this will most often be a book-did I hear “library!” 🙂 ).  That being said….

Suggestion: Help for the Harried Homeschooler by Christine Field

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