Love to Read


I was one of those kids that never loved to read.  After I started to have children of my own it was my goal to foster in my children a love for reading, even before I realized that I would one day homeschool.  So… how do you get your kids to love to read?  Number ONE:Read to them!!!  Offer them a variety of books.  Take them to the library.  Read to them.  Let them see you reading.  Read to them. Wait until they have established an enjoyment for reading before you start to require them to read certain books.  Do not stop reading too them.  

As for reading instruction(teaching a child to read) start out slow, simple, and try to make it fun.  Keep it simple and do not let frustration seep into your reading time!!!

Curriculum suggestion: We use Alpha Phonics and Bob Books to teach our kids to read…so far it has worked out great.

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