learning about elections

This will be a good week for our family to discuss and learn about elections, US government, etc.  My plan is to have the kids utilize the kids.gov website.  I have printed, from this site, a “How to Become President of the United States” poster.  http://kids.usa.gov/president/index.shtml  I also printed a few coloring sheets for Sam and a word puzzle for Joe.  I will have my them read through some, if not all, of Ben’s Guide.  http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/index.html  If you go to this site, notice that there is an age/grade level option above Ben’s chalkboard.

I have printed out the election notebooking activity that we will do this week.

I would also like the kids to take a virtual tour of the White House.  http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/inside-white-house/interactive-tour

If we have time we will see if there are any good books at the library on the subject…something simple that Sam could understand.

I would love to make a lapbook on this subject but have not done enough prep for that at this point.

I am looking for more ideas to use to teach on this subject…do you have any to share?

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