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I found an Apologia blogroll at My Joy-Filled Life website.  We will be joining soon!  If you use Apologia you may be interested in checking out some of these blogs.

Are you a blogger who will be using Apologia for your science curriculum for the 2012-2013 school year?
If you are, I’d love for you to link up your blog below.  That way we all can connect with other Apologia users, see how others are using this curriculum, gain ideas, advice and tips for projects and experiments, or to simply find fellowship.
In your link-up, please include the book(s) you will be using (Astronomy, Botany, Zoo1, etc.), and your name or blog title.
After you link up, please share the blog roll button in your sidebar.  This will allow other Apologia users to find the list, as well as provide you an easy way to navigate back to the list.
Please note: your blog does not have to be exclusively about Apologia science; this list is for anyone using the Apologia curriculum for science.  However, if you label your Apologia related posts as such, it will be easier for others to find the appropriate posts.
Happy Exploring!!
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  1. I was wondering what ages you are using Apologia with? I have been really interested in using it but have never seen it in person. Since I’m on such a tight budget It’s hard for me to purchase curriculum with out seeing it. Can you tell me your thoughts on it and how long you have been using it. Any information would be helpful.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. We use Apologia for all ages. Currently we are using Exploring Creation with Botany with our six and twelve year old. Our fifteen year old is using the High School Apologia curriculum. We have been using Apologia science for many years-don’t know how many 🙂 . We LOVE it! I will post some pics and more info about Apologia Curriculum in my next post. Then you will have pics and maybe more info than you have now. I totally understand wanting to see what you are buying before you buy. Look for my next post. If you have any more questions about it I would love to hear from you!!


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