Saving Money

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A large part of our homestead project is to save money so that Mom can stay home and raise the children.

We enjoy finding ways, some very creative, to save money.    Many times saving money takes work and energy but it comes with more benefits than increasing the size of your wallet.

A few of the ways we save:

Recycle– Our rural town has a recylce center we just bring our recyling in and drop it off at no cost.  We  reuse things like  bags, ice cream buckets, soap containers, jars, instead of consume.

Purchase used or get things free- Whenever possible we purchase from yard sales, thrift stores, classifieds, check Craigs List for free items.   Some of the items that we have either cost us very little to nothing at all:  Refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, love seat, crib, dog kennel, an entire matching dish set, our baby’s clothes, our goat’s water bucket and feed container.

Purchase quality-We have also come to the realization that purchasing a quality product at a higher price is saving in the long run.  An example: purchase good quality cookware(stainless steel and cast iron) that will last a life time and have mulitple purpose cooking.

Goat shelter

Goat shelter

DIY– Doing it yourself is very rewarding way to save and many times it is much heathier for us…  Grow our own food: garden, meat, dairy, eggs, and herbs.  Making our own homemade foods. Hunting.  We make our own deodorant and laundry soap.  We use cloth diapers instead of disposable.  Use natural cleaners.  Build sheds and shelters using recyled materials when possible. All of these things save us a huge amount of money and many are much healthier.  We look forward to learning to make more things like soap, cleaners, we would love to make cream cheese and butter.

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