American History Videos


This is the time of year I start to think of new things to do and learn in our home.

I have really had the desire to start some American History with the kids.  It has been years since we have really dug into and studied the history of our country.

I have the tendency to kind of switch gears at this time of year….I don’t know what it is about late winter/pre-spring but it seems that other homeschoolers in general tend to do this too.  I really like the things we are doing now and don’t really want to switch gears completely I just want to add in some things.

I have been in search of some movies or videos to watch that can give us a visual of past times.  I found this website and wanted to share with you.   It looks like they have tons of videos to watch.  Last night we watched a documentary on the early 1900s.  The name of the video we watched: “Ford’s Mirror of America” It was so fun to watch!

This makes me really wish we didn’t have an internet usage limit.

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  1. How old are you children? I received a e-newsletter today of this fantastic product:
    I’d love to do something like this when mine are a little older. – Victoria

    • This looks good to me! I have been to their website before but have never done one of their lapbooks. Actually have never done a lapbook at all but have always wated to :)…. Do you or have you used their lapbooks?

      • We use their timeline figures and have done some of their lapbooks before. I think they call them Activity Paks. They also give you heaps of freebies and samplers when you sign up to their newsletter. We will be doing the Old Testament and New Testament lapbooks this year. You can see samples of what the contents are – really beautiful and something for the kids to keep and treasure!

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