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Thank you to my wonderful daughter for her words of encouragement on my birthday!!!!

Apologia Science

My Joy-Filled Life

I found an Apologia blogroll at My Joy-Filled Life website.  We will be joining soon!  If you use Apologia you may be interested in checking out some of these blogs.

Are you a blogger who will be using Apologia for your science curriculum for the 2012-2013 school year?
If you are, I’d love for you to link up your blog below.  That way we all can connect with other Apologia users, see how others are using this curriculum, gain ideas, advice and tips for projects and experiments, or to simply find fellowship.
In your link-up, please include the book(s) you will be using (Astronomy, Botany, Zoo1, etc.), and your name or blog title.
After you link up, please share the blog roll button in your sidebar.  This will allow other Apologia users to find the list, as well as provide you an easy way to navigate back to the list.
Please note: your blog does not have to be exclusively about Apologia science; this list is for anyone using the Apologia curriculum for science.  However, if you label your Apologia related posts as such, it will be easier for others to find the appropriate posts.
Happy Exploring!!

Eclectic homeschool, eclectic blogger!

This new blog is the big talk at our house today.  It has taken up quite a bit of time and this is only my 3rd post 🙂  But we are so excited and have so many fun ideas!

Here are a few of the ideas we have brewing for our new blog

Curriculum talk:  Kay, our oldest daughter, loves to teach her 6yr old brother.  Last week she borrowed a bunch of books on castles and medieval times, and chose from our personal library, “The Knight at Dawn”(Magic Treehouse) as a read aloud(she is reading to him).   She is writing her own literature based unit study on medieval times!  All of our kids love to draw.  Joe is drawing a castle to use as a coloring sheet in this unit study.

The kids want to write their own mad libs to share.

The websites we like to use

The different books and curriculums we use.

I would also like us to work on building our own American History Unit Study(Literature based).

A book list

Other talk:  Homeschool topics, homemade products: deodorant, laundry detergent,etc.  Food, nutrition, goat milk, cheese, homemade recipe ideas.  Money saving tips, random tidbit info, dairy goat care, a family comedy comic strip.  Okay…the list of ideas does go on.

We are so excited!

I want to make our posts unique by offering a resource suggestion at the end of my posts(this will most often be a book-did I hear “library!” 🙂 ).  That being said….

Suggestion: Help for the Harried Homeschooler by Christine Field


Blogging about blogging?

We have been playing around with our new blog… (Mom)trying to learn my way around and come up with a lay out.  This has been difficult for the tech challenged Mom.  Dad and kids plan to start designing a banner tomorrow.  It might take us some time to get it figured out…hope you will bare with us!    If you are a blogging pro…I would love any advice! Thanks for reading!