chicken incident


Just recently, sometime last week, I had a most interesting chicken incident. 

As you may know we got a new dog, Sugar, who is an English Lab.  Well, I like to let her come out with me off the leash while I start the chores.  She runs around teasing or playing with Bear (mutt dog) most of the time.  Then I bring her inside  so I can let the chickens out, feed them, water them, and all that jazz. 


When they come outside to eat I find this a good opportunity to go into the chicken coop to fetch the eggs.    As I was going about my business in the chicken coop, I hear the chickens outside flying everywhere and clucking madly.  I turn around and Sugar bolts into the coop!  Chickens are flying everywhere. Sugar was chasing them in circles around the chicken coop as they squawked like crazy!  Even more bad news, in the chaos of the chickens flying around frantically they pooped all over me in fear. 

Eventually, I get a hold of Sugar and take her back inside.


  How did she get out? 



Well, our back door will swing open on windy days if the dead bolt isn’t locked.  So I started shutting the safety gate in the hall so I don’t get drenched in chicken poop again.  Oh, and for the chickens safety too… I guess.

The End