10 Reasons we love homeschooling:

  1. We get to see our kids.  I am not kidding you…when my daughter went to school (K-1 grade) I felt like I never got to see her.  When I did see her, I was always working on schoolwork with her and it was stressful.
  2. We are in control of what they are learning.
  3. We like the family dynamic that comes with homeschooling.
  4. We have the ability to raise and discipline our kids ourselves (this is hard enough having them all of the time, it must be much more difficult when you only have them for a couple of hours a day).
  5. We want our kids to love to learn and have the opportunity to explore their interests.
  6. Homeschooling allows our kids to explore and implement their God given talents.  Our kids have got talent!
  7. They learn at their own pace…again an individual God given.
  8. The kids have more opportunity to build healthy relationships with their siblings, parents and the Lord.
  9. We have more time to read and go to the library.  J
  10. We get to meet and hang out with other homeschool families.

This post is linked to Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings.

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