Cooking steel cut oats

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A few months ago I started researching anti-inflammatory diets and which foods serve as natural anti-inflammatory .   In the midst of this I saw the suggestion to eat steel cut oats rather than rolled oats(oatmeal).  I was intrigued, I had never heard of steel cut oats.  Apparently they are slightly higher in fiber and lower glycemic load. and less processed than the rolled oats.


The next trip to the grocery store I checked to see if they had steel cut ….they did!  The container was half the size of the regular oatmeal so I purchased 2.  I was excited to make them the next morning for my husband for breakfast before he would head off to work.  I got up that morning and found that I would not have time to cook them because to my surprise they take much longer to cook than the typical oatmeal.

They ended up sitting in my pantry untouched for a couple months.

The other night I was reading some recipe suggestions on-line and found the suggestion to cook my oats overnight in the crock pot.  I was excited to give this a try.  This morning our family’s breakfast was done when my husband got up for work and I didn’t have to get up to make it.  We ended up enjoying a healthier breakfast with less hassle.  Love it!

How I did it:

I greased my crock pot with coconut oil, filled it with 7c of water and 2c of oats, turned it on warm, and let it cook overnight.  If I change anything next time I will put slightly less water.  We like ours a little thicker than what it was.  FYI: We feed a family of 6 and there is some left over for tomorrow.

By the way:

I read the suggestion to use my crock pot on brownthumbmama I really enjoy some of the practical suggestions on her blog.

If you are interested in learning more about inflamation or the benefits of oats you could check out Dr Weil’s website.