Organic Deodorant

We started making our own deodorant about a year and half ago.
I was hesitant at first as to whether homemade deodorant would actually work.  I am excited to say that this recipe has worked great for us and we want to share with you how we do it.

Why make my own deodorant?
• No chemicals
• No Aluminum
• Made with natural products
• Saves $$$ -BONUS!!!
• It is very easy to make!
• Simple ingredients

What you need:
• Baking Soda
• Arrowroot powder
• Coconut oil(organic)
• Essential oil (optional)-we use lavender
• Something to put it in: this could be an old deodorant container, a simple container with a lid, or you can purchase a new push up deodorant container/s.

How to make it:

1. Measure 4 Tablespoons of solid Coconut Oil into small pan and heat until it becomes a liquid.

2. Measure 1/4c of Baking Soda and 1/4c Arrowroot Powder in a bowl.

3. Add your oil to the Powder mixture and add a couple drops of your essential oil, mix well.

4.  Poor mixture into your container.  Set in a cool area(refrigerator works well) until it has solidified.  You can reuse one of your old deodorant containers or come up with a new one.  If you store in a container you can just apply with your fingers…this works well with this recipe.


A few things you should know when using homemade deodorant:
Do not store in high temperature areas. The Coconut oil will liquefy at 76 Degrees F. If necessary you can store it in the refrigerator.
Apply lightly. As you rub it against your skin it will melt on it. We have found that we do not need to use a lot.